The nice n easy group of restaurants has been the pioneer in healthy-gourmet, value for money in Greece since 2008, when the first nice n easy restaurant opened in Athens.

Let’s Act Together for a Sustainable Future

Here at the nice n easy group, we listen to the needs of our times and act with great attention. As pioneers of sustainability and wellness, we continue to pave new roads to support and strengthen the growing movement of sustainable living for a quality, healthy and beautiful life for all.

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Since the very beginning of our presence, our priority as a business has been to strive for a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. This essential aspect of our philosophy has been embraced and deeply loved by the Greek public. But we do not stand alone in this. By collaborating with like minded partners and other organizations, we are able to take on vigorous actions aimed at sustainability of the planet, the harmonious coexistence of man with nature, commercial justice and equality. We are able to accomplish this together, as a team.

We are proud to be the first to introduce the ‘farm-to-table’ practice in Greece. By establishing the right professional relationships with carefully chosen growers and producers around the country, we are committed to cooking with fresh, seasonal and organic produce, cultivated with the utmost care and attention.

Additionally, we collaborate with organizations whose mission statements closely mirror ours such as Kyvoto tou Kosmou, Refill Greece, All for Blue, and others. With their help, we aim to preserve our natural resources, reduce plastic waste and food waste, and feed underprivileged children.

The “sustainable living” movement is the foundation of our business ethics. It motivates us with the primary purpose of giving back to society and nature. By fostering relationships rooted in similar purposes, we are able to educate, inspire, and give back to our community and nature. We hope our efforts leave a lasting impact towards a brighter future.

Our Green Acts

The nice n easy group—fully aware of its responsibility to society, to the world and future generations—has planned a series of Green Acts, fulfilling our philosophy on sustainability. Our vision is to implement eco-friendly practices in our restaurants in order strengthen the sustainable lifestyle movement. We will continue to contribute our efforts as a pioneering enterprise in its field, aiming towards living in harmony with nature, in the framework of equality and justice. These important actions include:


Recycling takes place outside of our restaurants, starting with the installation of glass, plastic, metal, and paper recycling bins (paper products like packaging, napkins and tablecloths make up the largest volume of waste).


Composters are installed at nice n easy in Kolonaki and Kifisia, where coffee grinds will be discarded. Composting is a natural process that converts organic matter into a nutrient-rich product for soil (natural fertilizer). This ultimately reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.

Refill Water

Nice n easy restaurants are Refill Water centers. In association with the Refill Water movement to reduce plastic, we happily refill reusable bottles with water. Additionally, our water may be enriched with chlorophyll upon request. Chlorophyll is the substance that gives plants its green color and research shows that it has serious antioxidant properties.

Cultivating heirloom seeds

We’re cultivating locally grown heirloom seeds on our land at FarmaMoo in Nea Makri to preserve native Greek varietals. We will feature the produce on our seasonal spring menu, and we will offer the seeds to our customers to enjoy gardening with.

Reusable mugs

The nice n easy group will create tailor-made reusable coffee or tea mugs with the motto “act for the future – sustainable life” available for sale to all businesses in the group.

Eliminating the use of plastic

In an ongoing effort to eliminate plastic, our restaurants’ take out containers such as straws, cups, and plates, will be made of all-organic, biodegradable material such as wheat, bamboo and paper.

Recycling of cooking oil

The recycling of cooking oil is being adopted. This is an action that contributes to the protection of the environment since used oils and fats are recycled separately producing other, non-edible materials used for energy production.

Environment-friendly cleaning products

The companies of nice n easy group replace all conventional cleaning products, with organic, plant-based, and nontoxic cleaning products, resulting in an environmentally friendly space that protects workers’ health, and helps reduce energy consumption and pollution.

Reducing food waste

All nice n easy group restaurants are taking action to reduce food waste. Food waste is undeniably a huge global problem. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, one third of the food produced for human consumption worldwide ends up in landfills. From a moral standpoint, it is unethical to be this wasteful when starvation is ubiquitous. Additionally, food waste is a major contributor to the greenhouse effect because it is difficult to decompose after it is already dumped in landfills.

Avoiding Palm Oil

It is assured that palm oil will NOT be used in any of the nice n easy group businesses. Palm oil is one of the cheapest oils in the world. It comes from the fruits of palm trees and is high in saturated fats. It is commonly found in many processed foods (ice creams, cakes, margarine, mayonnaise, crisps, baby foods, spices, packaged bakery preps, etc.). In May 2016, the European Food Safety Authority published a report stating that palm oil is carcinogenic. However, to date, it has not yet ordered a cessation of palm oil use. Beyond health issues, increased palm oil demand has led to deforestation, resulting in the rapid destruction of ecosystems. From a social standpoint, massive palm tree plantations have brought about drastic, negative changes in the lives of indigenous farmers and farmers.


Some of the producers around the country we work with.

Tomatoes, greens, salads

Organic meat and cheese, flours, organic cheese, muesli

rice, grains, quinoa

organic honey

Buffalo dairy products like burrata and mozzarella cheese, and milk

Our Monthly Stats


of oil recycled


of coffee grinds composted


straws saved

coffee cups

to-go saved

food containers

to-go saved



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We collaborate with organizations whose mission statements closely mirror ours and with their help, we aim to preserve our natural resources, reduce plastic waste and food waste, and provide meals for underprivileged children.